Cards group related information in a flexible-size container and serve as entry points to more detailed information. Cards come in two types: Service Cards and Form Cards.

Card Usage

Service Cards

Service Cards are used to display service offerings, like Home Cleaning, and will direct the user to a more detailed page about the service when clicked on. They can be displayed in multiple layouts depending on the service offering and page view.

Form Cards

Form cards are used to display form content, like payment details; however, this is only true for desktop. On mobile web, card ui hides and form content remains.

Refer to Forms for more information.

Card Layouts

Content Cards

Service Cards can be displayed in multiple formats: 3 column, 4 column, or 6 column. Card widths always align with the grid with 32px gutter between each one, while card heights are flexible and fit to the content.

Form Cards

Form Cards come in two layouts: Wide, Primary cards and narrow, secondary car.

Card Properties

background-color: White #FFFFFF;
border-radius: 5px;
border-style: solid;
border color: #E8EFF2;
box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)

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