Action Cards

Action cards are list items that have underlying pages or flows.

Usage of Action Cards

Action cards allow users to access underlying pages or flows. Action cards can be found in the Booking Page a on the customer app and the Claims page and Job Support experience on the pro app.

Types of Action Cards

There are a few variations of action cards, but all inherit the same basic structure.

1. Booking Card (card-CA-booking) Booking cards give users key information about a booking. If a booking is active the card will incorporate a map.

2. Jobs (card-PA-job) Job cards show key information about jobs. When a job is claimed, the card includes the name of the client.

3. Messages (card-message) Message cards shows a preview of the last message sent or received.

4. User Card (card-CA-pro, card-PA-cust) User cards have key informations about customers and professionals. Depending on the context of the card, different kinds of information will be surfaced.

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